John A. Turner's Personal Home Page

March 14, 1999


You could have gotten here in a number of ways. The easiest address to remember is

I'm currently on Leave of Absence from Los Alamos National Laboratory working at Blue Sky Studios, Inc., located in Harrison, NY, which creates high-resolution, photorealistic computer animation, especially character animation, or the film, commercial, and entertainment industries.

Blue Sky Studios, Inc.'s recently-completed short film Bunny was recently nominated for an Academy Award. You can find more info, including still images and a QuickTime movie, at the Bunny web site.

Information about my work at LANL can be found at my LANL Home Page.


My resume is available either as HTML or PostScript (gzipped, 0.05 MB or uncompressed, 0.29 MB).


I keep a collection of links to things I find useful, interesting, humorous, etc. They are collected as Netscape Navigator bookmarks or Microsoft Internet Explorer favorites, converted to LATEX by a bit of Perl, dumped into files in some semblance of organization, formatted in LATEX and converted to HTML using LATEX2HTML.

Here's an old version, from when I just dropped the URLs virtually straight from my bookmarks file into various topics. But try to find information on Emacs. You have to drill down through Computing, Software, etc to find it. I wanted something that showed the overall structure better.

John A. Turner