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The Graphics Archive FAQ FAQ FAQ
Charles Poynton - Color technology
CICA Information Tutorials Color Spaces
Bibliographies on Computer Graphics and Vision
The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
3D Graphics Book List
The Official alt.movies.visual-effects FAQ site
SIGGRAPH Document Preparation for Conference Proceedings
Curriculum and Instructional Materials

To Be Filed

Realsoft 4D Home Page
1998 EG/Siggraph Workshop on Graphics Hardware
Animations of Physical Processes
CS 348B - Computer Graphics: Image Synthesis Techniques
CS267 Spring 1997
DDD Home
Daniel Kartch
Game Programming: Math
INA : Imagina
Imagina 98
Imagina: Palmarès Prix-Pixel-INA Imagina: Prix Pixel-INA Palmares
Interactive Effects: Graphics Software Developers of Amazon Paint


Faculty Profile of David Ebert
Jim Arvo's Home Page
Gerald E. Farin
Ken Musgrave's Home Page
Craig W. Reynolds
Greg Schussman's Home Page
Dave Eberly's Home Page
Greg's Sandbox
Page of Thomas Baier - Graphics Tools
Kenneth R. Sloan
Nick Foster's Homepage (Fluids)
Nick Foster's ftp site
Henrik Wann Jensen
Andy Witkin's Home Page
David Baraff's Home Page
Paul Bourke (geometry, fractals, etc.)


Graphics File Formats FAQ
PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Home Page
The XPM Format and Library
Transparent/Interlaced GIF Resources
TIFF Software
Pegasus Imaging: The JPEG Wizard

Scientific Visualization

Center for Computational Visualization
Software for Graphics and Data Analysis
Visualization of Data Page

Grace Home (formerly ACE/gr)
PLplot Home Page
PGPLOT Graphics Subroutine Library
SCIRT Project Page
Dataplot Homepage
Amtec Engineering Home Page
Data Analysis Group
StatLib--XGobi Archive
Flow Analysis Software Toolkit (FAST) Home Page
InfoSheet FVS


Petr Mikulik's gnuplot page
info-gnuplot eGroups archive
info-gnuplot-beta eGroups archive
GNUPLOT3.6-beta working index
gnuplot beta releases
gnuplot-beta archive by thread
gnuplot-beta archive (eGroups)
X Gnuplot Front End


GMV Home Page
PoP User Manual
plotutils - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)

The OpenGL Web Site
Michael's OpenGL Page
Nate Robins - OpenGL
Gateway to OpenGL Info
f90gl: Fortran interface for Mesa and GLUT
Windows 95/NT and OpenGL
EZWGL - The EZ Widget and Graphics Library (similar to OpenGL)
Way cool, way fast OpenGL techniques
Togl - a Tk OpenGL widget
Silicon Graphics - GLX
Silicon Graphics - OpenGL: The industry's foundation for high-performance graphics


GLUT API, version 3
Nate Robins - GLUT


Silicon Graphics Confirms Windows NT Product Plans
Silicon Graphics and Microsoft Form Strategic Alliance to Define the Future of Graphics
Microsoft, SGI Pitch 3-D For PCs


OpenGL WWW Center

CAD, Computational Geometry, etc.

Application Challenges to Computational Geometry
Principia Computoria and Graphica Main Page
Directory of Computational Geometry Software

The Bernstein Bézier Form and Minimal Determining Sets
Curve and Surface Approximation - Bibliography
GEANT - Detector Description and Simulation Tool
GEREP - Geometric Modeller for GEANT
Index of /cad_geant_int/

Bezier, B-spline, and NURBS
Fitting Smooth Surfaces to Dense Polygon Meshes
Free-form curves and surfaces
Phil's C++ NURBS library
Phil's NURBS library V2.0
Quadratic Bezier Triangles As Drawing Primitives
BSP Solid Modeling
The NIST STEP Class Library (SCL)
CADD Home page
Jouko Vuoskoski Thesis
Rhino - NURBS modeling in Microsoft Windows
CS390 Introduction to Computing with Geometry Course Notes
Pavilion of Polyhedreality
Virtual Reality Polyhedra

Modelling and Animation Software
Animation Research Limited
HotWired: Animation Express


TOPIX Cloth plugin for Softimage 3.7
Alien Resurrection


Hash, Inc. (Animation Software)
The Mind's Eye Pages (Linux)
The Moray Homepage
Digi-Art Home
3D : POVLAB's Modeller Home Page
Gautam N. Lad's VisualEyes
Steve's Object Builder
Free 3D Software: Blender

Other Software

General Graphics Interface Project Homepage
The GIMP Homepage
GUM v.1.0.0
Mike Sweet's Plug-Ins for The GIMP

ImageTool Announcement
ImageTool ftp site
XV: Table of Contents
The XAnim Home Page
Vis5D Home Page
Silicon Softworks
Graphics Software Archive
ImageMagick - X11 Image Processing and Display Package
MAGIC - OO Library for Image Analysis
The XAnim Home Page

Rendering, etc.

The Rendering Times
The Computational Beauty of Nature

Ray-Tracing - ray tracing

Steve Sloan's Ray Tracing Links
The Ray Tracing Home Page

Blue Moon Rendering Tools Home Page
BMRT: A Global Illumination Implementation of the RenderMan Standard

Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer
The Internet Ray Tracing Competition
Star Wars: The POV-Ray Collection
John's POV-Ray Page
POVBENCH - The Official Home Page

mindworx - 3D Studio MAX Benchmark Listing
Right Hemisphere (RayGun raytracer for 3D StudioMax)
Raymax - Raytracing plug-in for 3D Studio Max

Mirage (raytracer from Univ of Otago in NZ)
Mental Ray
Pharos Ray Tracer
libmray: a raytracing engine in C++
MAXON Computer (Cinema 4D Rendering Package)
Photorealistic Rendering by a Monte Carlo Method

Advanced Rendering Technology Ltd.


A Radiosity System for Real Time Photo-Realism
A Rapid Hierarchical Radiosity Algorithm
Accurate Computation of the Radiosity Gradient for Constant and Linear Emitter
An Adaptive Discretization Method for Progressive Radiosity
An Efficient Progressive Refinement Strategy for Hierarchical Radiosity
An Introduction to Radiosity
GCCG Home Page
Kaleidoscope Group Home Page
Numerical methods for Radiosity (Chair: Paul Heckbert)
Okino Computer Graphics
Parallel Radiosity
RadOX Homepage
Radiosity Bibliography
Radiosity Page


CSE-528 (Computer Graphics) Project Descriptions
Graphic M.C.S. Projects
Program of Computer Graphics
Technical papers
Undergraduate Project Proposals
Kaleidoscope Group Home Page
MSc Thesis - Tralvex Yeap, 1997 (Radiosity, etc.)


MIRO, Henrik Wann Jensen
Computer-Generated Watercolor
Photorealism Page

Welcome to Nando's Home Page
NuGraf Art Gallery
Jon Goldman's Home Page
CWIS: DEPTCW: Computer Graphics
Okino Computer Graphics
The Bolt3D Page
The good-looking textured light-sourced bouncy fun smart and stretchy page

Animation, Effects for Film and Video, etc.


Welcome to the VFX HQ!
Animation World Network: The Hub of Animation on the Internet
Computer Facial Animation
The Visual Effects Resource Center
Animator's Mailing List
Principles of Animation: Tricks to Animating Characters with a Computer
Cinescape OnLine
Cinefex contents
Spicy Cricket Animation!-"3D Computer Character Design and Animation"

Animation and Effects Houses

Blue Sky | VIFX
Positively Pixar
Centropolis Entertainment
Centropolis Effects
Sony Pictures Imageworks, Home
Station X Studios
Hammerhead Productions

See also VFX HQ

Fluids rendering

Areté Image Software

Articles, News, etc.

This is
3D ARK: 3D News, 3D Art, 3D Tutorials, 3D Resources
VFXPro - The Daily Visual Effects Resource
depth in motion (CG news)

2/17/99: Fox Layoffs (
Bunny Review: Stay Tooned International Animation
Fairfield Co. Weekly: A Warm And Fuzzy Tale
CNN - Less really is 'More,' confirms Oscar short nominee - March 17, 1999
Mania: Rolie Polie Olie Rolls onto the Disney Channel
Planet Ice
R&H/VIFX merger
VFXPro: Blue Sky/VIFX Designs Nature's Resource Spots
11/23/98 Business Week: ANTZ VS. BUGS
A Bug's Life
CBS MarketWatch - NouveauGeek: Pixar parties hard on 'bugs' 11-23-98
MOVIEWEB: A Bug's Life
ZDNN: Technology brings 'Bugs' to life
Antz Review (Variety)
Scott Ross: Digital Domain's CEO Launches A Studio By Sinking The Titanic
Staying Afloat In The Visual-Effects Business
UPSIDE.COM Article on John Lasseter
A Bug's Life
Barry Purves: Boldly Throwing Down the Gauntlet
CGW: Feature: Meet Geri: The New Face of Animation (02.98)
Universal sets up computer-animated features unit


How to make Fractal Landscapes in Java or C
Daylon Graphics - Leveller (tm) Heightfield Editor
A Particle System for the Direct Synthesis of Landscapes and Textures
Terraform Home Page
The Fractal Landscape Realizer


Genetic Arts, Inc.
PhotoDisc Royalty-free Digital Stock Photogr.
The NEW Graphics BBS Web Site
Vakgroep Informatica - Computer Graphics - Resource for 3d CGI Enthusiasts!
GFX:Computer Graphics Programming

Fractals, Julia Sets, The Mandelbrot Set, etc.

sci.fractals Meta-Index

XaoS - Real-Time Fractal Zoomer
Cliff Pickover, Factals and the Pursuit of Beauty
Mandelbrot and Julia Set Explorer
Mandelbrot/Julia Set Browser
Mandelbrot Explorer
Fractal Viewer
Directory of /pub/fractal
Welcome to the Fractal eXtreme Web Site
Kaos Rhei
Fractint Homepage
Continuing Turing Test of the Fractal Realizer

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